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Monday, April 6, 2015

Scar Removal Gel Cream

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I'm always looking for away to get rid of my two pregnancies stretch marks and another mark that I have on my forehead from an accident that I had when I was a teenager. So when I was offered the opportunity to try this Scar Removal Gel Cream at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion I was more than happy to try it.

When I opened the container I was surprised to see that it was a gel type consistency and not a cream like lotion. It has a light scent and is not greasy and is absorbed very quickly.

I have been using it on my pregnancy stretch marks and another scar I have on my forehead I have also been using it on a burn mark that my 12 year old son has on his right arm.

We have been using it as directed and I have seen a slight improvement. My son and i will continue to use the Scar Removal Cream as instructed and I will as well and I will update my review when more time has passed.

You can GO HERE to purchase InstaNatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel 

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